Shopping and local services

In the town of Labin, there are 4 larger supermarkets: Plodine, Konzum, Lidl, and Spar. Closest to the villas is Plodine, situated at the entrance to Labin when arriving from the direction of Rijeka. 


Located near Plodine are a carwash and a gas station. In Labin, there are also several vehicle service shops.

The largest shopping mall in Istria opened recently in the city of Pula. It is named “Max City Pula”, and it offers the most famous brands of clothes, shoes and a huge selection of food and other household items.

In the very center of Labin, there is a marketplace, a famous drugstore “Müller”, souvenir shops and various specialized shops. In the town, there are also several banks, a bus terminal, and two post offices.

Located in the northwest part of town is “Dr. Lino Peršić” medical center, a health institution with a large number of general and specialized doctor’s offices and a pharmacy.